Welcome to DietandFitnessGuide.com and congratulations on making the decision to take better care of your body, lose some weight and get fitter. You are embarking on an important lifestyle change.

I started this website because I see so many people who want to lose weight going about it in any way other than the commonsense way, or as some might say the ‘old-fashioned way’,  which is to eat a healthy diet, become more physically active, and to stick at it.

I know this a generalization, and I know that some medical conditions make it difficult for some people to shed the pounds and lose the fat.  I appreciate that willpower is a limited commodity in all of us, and that in the fast moving society we live in, that people want things to happen fast. We have an obsession with immediacy.

But there are some things in life that require time, effort and a realistic attitude to doing things properly and successful, long-term weight loss is one of them. As with so many things in life, we benefit in direct proportion to the effort that we put into something.

Losing weight and getting fit is straightforward enough but you do have to stick with it. Just remember you are a human being and it’s almost impossible to implement a diet perfectly at all times.

I have my own food challenges. I can easily give in to the pleasures of Cadbury’s chocolate, Lurpak butter, Black Country Pork Scratchings, coffee, smoky bacon flavored potato chips, and ice cream. But on the plus side I am enthusiastic about green tea, green smoothies, fish oil, nuts, yoga and home fitness.

If you’re too critical of yourself as you travel the weight loss highway, you may find that you get burnt out quickly and give up.  This is a common trap for many, and can result in negative feelings as well as additional weight gain.

Give yourself a break from time to time.  When you mess up (we often do at some stage) don’t use that as a reason to quit completely.  Just pick yourself up and start over again.  Think of making a mistake as hitting the reset button not the ejection button.

There may be times when you just need to take a break from thinking about your food and lifestyle changes.  That’s okay, too.  Just plan a break from your diet and plan the date at which you’ll pick it up again.

The more positive changes you can make over time, the healthier and fitter you will become. Just keep taking baby steps at improving your life.

Graham Portis
Diet and Fitness Guide Service Team