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Why Should People Exercise to Lose Weight?


Your body needs food for energy. If you eat more than is needed for your normal day-to-day activity and for what your body needs to repair and renew itself, the excess energy is stored as fat. Which means you’ll put on some weight. Therefore, to achieve effective weight loss, your body must burn more calories […]

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Choosing the Right Form of Exercise For You

In order to make a success of starting to exercise, it is important that you choose an activity that is right for you. There is little point in pursuing a type of exercise that you don’t like, or feel uncomfortable with, or for paying out on membership fees for a gym you probably won’t attend […]

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The Importance of Exercise for Seniors

senior fitness with dumbells

Whatever our age, physical activity is important to maintain our well-being. After the age of fifty an absence of exercise can have an adverse effect on our body, so we should pay more attention to looking after ourselves. Aging changes our body. We tend to become physically less active. Some functions such as metabolism slow […]

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The Importance of Fitness and Exercise

Fitness and exercise programs have been building in popularity in recent years. This follows several decades in which sedentary lifestyles have contributed to significant numbers of people becoming obese – including children – an increase in type 2 diabetes, and a growing awareness that getting fit and keeping fit helps prevent illness and increases your […]

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How to get fit at home without equipment

Exercising without equipment

It would be great to have the space and the finance to buy whatever exercise and fitness equipment you fancy, but when you are on a limited budget you can easily get fit at home without equipment. It is true that some fitness gear can speed you on your way to reaching your fitness goals […]

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